In general settings, there are three options available for you:

1. Test mode.

Here you can test how the shipping method will be displayed on the checkout page. To enable the test mode, click the Enable Test Mode button:

To disable the test mode, click the "Disable Test Mode" button:

If you want to check how the test mode works, use first name "shipping" at checkout to see rates from the app.

2. Handling multiple shipping methods.

Here you can choose how to display the shipping method if it turns out that several rules may match. You can display all the shipping methods, the most expensive or the cheapest.

The very first option that you see displays all shipping methods.

Next one most expensive shipping method.

And the last one the chipest shipping method.

3. Fallback rate

This option will allow you to display one shipping method when products are purchased that do not match any of the existing shipping methods.

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