📝 NOTE: Shipping Tags calculates shipping rates using tags (you can tag the product or product variant).
One of the main advantages of Shipping Tags to other shipping rate calculators is the fact that it is completely flexible and dynamic. When you tag one of your products to a specific shipping method, you use the following format: "tag prefix"-"rate".

Tag prefix is used to associate the product with the shipping method.
Hyphen ("-") is the divider, letting Shipping Tags know this is where the tag prefix ends and the rate begins
The rate stands for this specific product's shipping rate in this specific shipping method.

If there is more than 1 product in the cart, Shipping Tags will calculate the shipping rat by the rules you defined when you created each shipping method. With this system, you can control the rate each shipping method has depended on the products in the cart, and control the rate each product will have depending on the chosen shipping method.

💡 TIP: Product A is tagged with "test1-10" and "test2-15". Its shipping rate with test1 shipping method will be 10$, and with test2 shipping method, it will be 15$. The rate for each of these shipping methods might change depending on what other products are in the cart.
The next step is to create your first shipping method - How to create your first shipping method?
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