To create your first shipping method you should follow these few simple steps.

At first you should go to our app's dashboard and create a new method template in the shipping methods list.

Here you have 2 settings:
Internal name - this setting allow you to name the template/method. The customer will not see this name.
💡 TIP: Use a name that will help you understand what the shipping rule is about. For example: "Fast shipping"
Shipping tag prefix - Here we can add tags that will be used in this shipping method.
💡 TIP: Use these tags to tag the products you'd like to include in this shipping method. For example: "Clothes"
Shipping tags calculates shipping rates using tags. One of the main advantages of Shipping tags to other shipping rate calculators is the fact that it is completely flexible and dynamic. When you tag one of your products to a specific shipping method, you use the following format: "tag Prefix"-"rate".

📝 NOTE: Tag prefix is used to associate the product with the shipping method. Hyphen ("-") is the divider, letting Shippify know this is where the tag prefix ends and the rate begins. The rate stands for this specific product's shipping rate in this specific shipping method. You can also use Bulk Tagging to save your time

💡 TIP: Product A is tagged with "Clothes-10" and "Clothes2-15". Its shipping rate with Clothes shipping method will be 10$, and with Clothes2 shipping method, it will be 15$. The rate for each of these shipping methods might change depending on what settings you have set and other products are in the cart.
Also, you can set the tag with price not only to the product but also for its variants. Because of the product variants have different size, weight, and other attributes. The procedure is the same, but you need to add variant ID to this formula.
💡 TIP: In this case we set price 25 intstea of 10, because the pack size not contain 20 items, not 10.

Here you can add the estimated delivery date in days and select the date format.
💡 TIP: This setting is optional but we recommend to use it, because your shop will look more trustworthy.

Display name setting - here you can add the shipping name.

💡 TIP: Customers will see this as the shipping method during checkout so we recommend you describe the shipping method the way you want customers to see it. For example: "Fast shipping 7 - 11 days"

Shipping comment - customers will see this during checkout. Here we recommend adding some additional info about the shipping method.

💡 TIP: Also, you can use some dynamic tags from the list below. For example: "Hello {first-name}{last-name}. Please add your actual {country} phone number, the postman will contact you."

This section allows you to offer a free shipping option for your customers once the order exceeds specific rules, it can be based either on order weight, order items, order value, or any combination of the 3.
💡 TIP: Choose whatever you'd like to offer free shipping on order based on order value/weight/items quantity.

Here you can set the max rate - set a maximum rate for this shipping method, once the shipping price reached the limit, it won't go over. It's also optional settings.

Case scenarios behaviors. Answer these 3 simple questions to make sure you know how to handle complex shipping situations. This option helps you to avoid the situation when the customer will not see this shipping method and will not complete the order. You can choose any rules what fit your needs but ensure that you set it right.

You can check all the rules with detail description by following this link How do I know what rule to choose when creating a new shipping method?

Shipping zones. Decide what shipping zones you'd like to include/exclude from this shipping method. We take the shipping zones you've created in Shopify. To create a new shipping zone
Click here
There are 2 options here:
Select all shipping zones;
Select specific shipping zones;

Round up / Round down, this is optional and last setting. You can use it for replacing a cost with an approximate value that has a shorter, simpler, or more explicit representation. There are also a few options here:
Select Value - Round up / Round down;
Closest number - 1$/5$/10$/50$/100$;
Before decimal point - XX0.XX/XX9.XX/XX5.XX/XX4.XX;
After decimal point - XXX.00/XXX.99/XXX.95/XXX.90/XXX.50/XXX.45/;
After you entered all the required settings, click save button and we are ready to go.

💡 TIP: You can find your newly created method in the app's shipping methods list.

💡 TIP: There is an old Shopify legend, if you rated the app 5 stars it brings you more conversion - Rate it here.
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