What happens when the same product is added to the cart a few times?

Each instance of an item is treated as a different item, and their shipping rates are calculated according to the shipping method's rules.

💡 TIP: a cart containing 2 pairs of pants and a shirt, both matching an express shipping method, will be calculated as a cart containing 3 items tagged with the express shipping tag.

Can I create a FREE + Shipping with this app?

Yes! All you have to do is create a new shipping method and link it to the tag prefix of your choice. In the "When an order contains multiple items with the same tag" case scenario, you have 2 options:
Choose the option of "Highest shipping rate+ flat rate per item". This way if you have a few products tagged with this shipping method added to cart, the highest shipping rate will be chosen, and a flat rate of your choosing will be added to any other products in cart.
Choose "Combine all shipping rates". This way the final shipping rate will be a sum of all the rates for products in the cart. And you could offer a discount of a fixed amount/percentage if you'd like.

Both methods allow you to make sure you don't get surprised at checkout by a few free items with a too low shipping rate that leaves you losing money for this order.

What happens when non of the products in a cart are tagged with a shipping method?

When you define a new shipping method we ask you 3 questions:

What happens when the cart contains more than 1 product tagged with this shipping method.
What to do when some of the items in a cart are tagged with his shipping method and some don't.
What happens when none of the items in the cart are tagged with this shipping method.

When you answer these 3 questions, you decide exactly what shipping methods the customer sees at checkout. In order to avoid a situation where the customer doesn't have an available shipping method, we recommend that you create at least 1 shipping method that will be displayed even if none of the products in the cart are tagged with it.

How long does it take for changes in shipping methods to update?
Shippify calculates the shipping rates at checkout, so any changes are updated instantly. Thake in mind that Shopify uses cookies and if you make changes and don't see them straight away, try:

Clear your browser's cookies
Re-enter the shipping address to force the rates to calculate again

If you still don't see the changes you made, contact our support via chat, email, phone or on our Facebook page.

Can I mass tag the products ?

Yes, please check this tutorial Bulk Tagging

How can I preview all my settings before enable the app ?

You can use this option to check it. Shipping Preview
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